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Band Members

Pete Royster.png

Mike Dod

Bass Guitar - Lead & Background Vocals

 Founding member, a band wouldn't be complete without its Bass Guitar, and Time Warp couldn’t have asked for a better guy on the job than Mike. Originally from England, Mike has been playing for over 30 years, in Cali and Texas in both original and cover bands. He is instrumental in the success and musical progression of the band, laying down his amazing chops on the stage and managing the day to day logistics of the band, keeping it all tidy. his influences include John Taylor, and Benjamin Orr.

Penny Leontoudis

Lead & Background Vocals

Penny is one of Time Warp founding members. Originally from Greece, she has been a common face in the local scene for over 10 years.  As Lead Singer, she has been the driving force, adding amazing tones and great attitude on stage and in the rehearsal room. She is a Lightning Rod, from fine-tuning the musical arrangements to assisting other bandmates with perfecting their performances.

Peter Royster

Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Keyboards - Lead & Background Vocals

Peter has been a common figure in the Texas music scene since the early 80's, playing guitar and keyboards in a number of bands. In early 1981, fresh out of school, along with Mike Ross, Norm Miller and Doug Konopik, formed the band MECHANIX. In early 2022, Peter (and drummer Mike Ross) were asked to join Time Warp (since both bands played much of the same music).  This new lineup is quickly proving not only to be very versatile (with the ability to have five different “lead singers” as well as three and four part harmonies), but a crowd pleaser!

Mike Leon.png

Mike Ross

Drums - Percussion - Lead & Background Vocals

Mike has been a drummer for as long as you can imagine, playing in several original 80's rock and heavy metal bands around Houston, TX. He joined Time Warp in 2022, alongside his partner in crime Pete Royster, previously playing with MECHANIX. Mike is currently in charge of the beats for Time Warp and so far has proven to be the best of breeds

Mike Leon

Keyboards - Background Vocals

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Full Concert

About The Band

Time Warp, a well-renowned local Cover Band in Houston, Texas, made of a talented team of creative musicians. They have been a familiar face in the local bar and festival scene in Houston, College Station, Galveston, all the way to Louisiana, with a well documented history of fun live performances and happy patrons. They pride themselves on their repertoire, high energy hits from the 70's and 80's rock, funk and techno waves, combined with 2000's rock, pop  and dance scene. Explore the site and learn more about the musicians behind the music.



(413) 221-5874 or (713) 805-6247

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